Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Professional Master’s Program in Health Informatics approved at its Collegiate meeting on March 15, 2021, the admission of candidates for Postdoctoral Fellowship.

This is an important initiative, demonstrating the significance of the field and the advancement of science in Health Informatics for Advanced Health Practice. In this regard, interested candidates should follow the Procedures below:

Guidelines for enrollment in post-doctoral studies

Admission for a postdoctoral fellowship occurs on a rolling basis. The candidate must fill out the application form and submit the required documentation to the graduate program where they intend to complete the fellowship.

Application form:

  • Although the system does not require it, filling out the fields for the concentration area and research line is mandatory.
  • It is necessary to save the registration confirmation and submit it along with the documentation.
  • Procedures and list of required documents

Obs.: The candidate should provide all the documents listed in the checklist found on the page mentioned above;

  • Voluntary Service Agreement Supplementary Legislation:
  • Circular Memorandum No. 12.2014.PROPG, dated 23/04/2014 – Registration of researchers in post-doctoral fellowship status under an agreement. For doubts or additional information, please get in touch with the SCO- Scholarships Coordination at  / (48) 3721-4788

Attention! All documents must be sent to the email in a single file, in pdf format, in color, adequately signed, and scanned from the original documents. If the documentation does not comply with the above guidance, the applicant’s email will be responded to with the information that the documentation is not in compliance and that it needs to be resubmitted after proper adjustment;

The following steps are:

Request an opinion from a professor in the area/line intended by the candidate, apply to the PPGINFOS board, and, if approved, forward it to the CPG/PROPG.

Remember that the application must be made considering the time required for processing at all stages.

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